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American Ninja Warrior is now casting for season 12

Get those submissions in ASAP!

David Becker/NBC

Returning Ninjas, Ninja newbies, and Ninja wannabes, here’s your shot!

American Ninja Warrior has opened casting submissions for season 12!

You can start your submission form here.

Yes, we know the site still says season 11 and has 2019 information on it. That’s just a technicality that will be changed over soon. We confirmed this with the show’s production. Anything your submit right now will goes towards the season 12 - 2020 applications. So get to applying!

Just like previous seasons, if you’re interested in running the course in 2020, you HAVE to send in an application. That goes for everyone from OGs like Ryan Stratis, to new sensations like Seth Rogers. It’s not a quick process, so our advice is get started right now to give yourself time to plan and shoot a submission video and get through the questionnaire in the thoughtful way.

We have some great advice directly from the casting team right here that you’ll want to check out if this is your first application.

Keep in mind, we’re helping to spread the news, but we’re not associated with the casting department or the show’s producers. So if you have questions, be sure to direct them to the email address that’s supplied during the application process. Those are the people that can help you out.

Season 11 isn’t even done just yet, and it’s been nothing short of magical. We can’t wait to see what you, the athletes, have in store for us in 2020!

Get your application going NOW!