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Look back at season 11: Stage Two of the National Finals

No matter how you look at it, it was a big night in American Ninja Warrior history.

David Becker/NBC

We thought about combining the info we have on Stage Two with Stages Three and Four, but this historic episode deserves a section all its own. Season 11 of American Ninja Warrior shocked all the viewers with the second course of the National Finals. Where Stage One followed the pattern we’re familiar with, Stage Two completely shook things up.

What happened was 21 Ninjas hit the buzzer and advanced to Stage Three. To put that in perspective, the most we had previously seen finish Stage Two was eight competitors, back in season seven. The Ninjas blew that out of the water this year.

The fans were a bit split on their reactions to the episode. Some loved that we’d see such a large number of competitors take on Stage Three. Some were concerned the course was too simple to do the competitors’ skills justice. No matter how you interpreted the night, it was one for the history books.

Look back at Stage Two with the info below!

Stage Two

  • Full episode from NBC.Com

The course

Giant Walk the Plank

David Becker/NBC

Extension Ladder

David Becker/NBC

Snap Back

David Becker/NBC

Swing Surfer

David Becker/NBC

Grim Sweeper

David Becker/NBC

Water Walls


Mathis “Kid” Owhadi

Tyler Smith

Flip Rodriguez

Daniel Gil

Joe Moravsky

Drew Drechsel

Josh Salinas

Nate Burkhalter

Karsten Williams