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Allyssa Beird faced Stage One and a finicky Tire Run

We all know she’ll come back even stronger.

Allyssa Beird has history with Stage One of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals. In season nine, she became the second woman ever to clear the course. In season 10, she stumbled on the first obstacle and ended her year right there.

Her season 11 Stage One run was somewhere in-between the two. Allyssa put the first obstacle, Archer Alley, behind her. She looked confident and strong until Tire Run. There, she landed slightly too far back on the large rolling tire and had to run forward to try to steady herself. She got a little too much momentum and had to jog backwards a few steps to compensate. That’s when she slipped into the water.

Allyssa isn’t one to let failure slow her down. This season she faced some incredibly tough obstacles on the Baltimore courses, including the Angry Birds, which no one was able to defeat. She’ll be back next season even more fired up to collect more buzzers.