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Jessie Graff breaks down her season on the American Ninja Warrior podcast

Listen in as she walks us through the highs and lows of her return to Ninja Warrior.

After missing American Ninja Warrior’s season 10’s National Finals, Jessie Graff made her much anticipated return to Stage One on the second night of the four-part finale. Unfortunately, Jessie missed the grab on the third obstacle, the Double Dipper, ending her run before anyone would have liked.

But that doesn’t dull the accomplishments of her season. She returned in the Seattle/Tacoma region where she completed the Qualifying course. In the City Finals, she advanced to the ninth obstacle, Northwest Passage. There, she gritted out a few more moves than any other competitors on the VERY difficult obstacle.

To say Jessie is familiar with the ups and downs of Ninja Warrior is an understatement. The pressure to perform for herself and for the fans is something she doesn’t take lightly. On this week’s American Ninja Warrior podcast, Jesse talks about making her return to the stage this season while worrying she wouldn’t be able to give a peak performance. She dives into how she approaches every course and obstacle and shares how she’s developed her mindset over the course of her athletic career.

You can listen to the full audio above, on NBC.Com, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Play.