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Help us pick the top 10 moments of season 11

Which moments immediately come to mind?

David Becker/NBC

We need your help picking the top 10 moments of American Ninja Warrior’s 11th season! We KNOW you have opinions. Let’s hear them.

Here’s how this will work. Take to the comments section below and tell us your favorite moments from season 11. In a few days, we’ll pull out the ones that we saw mentioned a few times and organize them into a poll. Vote on the poll and the number of votes per moment will determine how we rank the top 10 moments!

(Not exactly scientific, but, eh, we’re just having a little fun here.)

Don’t let the title “moment” fool you. We want to keep this really open ended. It could be a run, a back story, a funny save on the course. Anything that stuck out in your mind this year!

We’ll get things started with a few nominations.

Um... How about Drew Drechsel’s win?

Michelle Warnky hitting the Cincinnati City Finals buzzer was pretty darn cool.

Followed hot on its heels by Jesse Labreck completing the course as well!

How about when Danell Leyva pulled off THIS save?

Or when Mathis “Kid” Owhadi snapped the Safety Pass right out of Daniel Gil’s hands.

What are you favorite moments from American Ninja Warrior season 11? Tell us in the comments to help us get this party started!