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Look back at season 11: The Baltimore Qualifiers and City Finals

Well, yes, this was the course with Angry Birds.

William Gray/NBC

Oh, Baltimore. American Ninja Warrior fans had some STRONG reactions to this region. Mainly, the City Finals episode. That’s where we met the new obstacle, Angry Birds, and people got angry.

The eighth obstacle was so tough that no one in this stacked region could pass it; not Najee Richardson, Allyssa Beird, or Joe Moravsky. That meant no one moved on to the ninth obstacle, or finished the course. This came hot on the heels of the Seattle/Tacoma City Finals, another region with zero finishers. Needless to say, the viewers were a little riled up.

But the region did highlight the great work of competitors like Dave Cavanagh, who won both Power Tower races, and Lucas Reale, who would make it all the way to Stage Three of the National Finals.

Take a walk back through Baltimore!

Baltimore Qualifiers

  • Qualifiers recap
  • Speed Pass winner: Dave Cavanagh
  • Podcast guest: Najee Richardson
  • Full episode from NBC.Com

Baltimore City Finals

  • Full episode from NBC.Com

The course

Shrinking Steps

William Gray/NBC

Double Twister

William Gray/NBC

Dangerous Curves

William Gray/NBC

Hazard Cones

William Gray/NBC

Crank It Up

William Gray/NBC

Warped Wall

William Gray/NBC

Salmon Ladder

Angry Birds

William Gray/NBC

Cane Lane

Spider Trap

Power Tower