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Watch Drew Drechsel hit six buzzers this season

It all came together in his ninth year on the show.

This article was published prior to Drew Drechsel’s arrest. NBC and American Ninja Warrior have since cut ties with him.

This was Drew Drechsel’s year. It’s pretty undeniable at this point.

American Ninja Warrior’s 11th season was Drew’s 9th year on the show. That’s almost a decade of hard work and dedication. And yeah, things came together. Drew hit the buzzer at the Atlanta Qualifiers and City Finals, heading to the Power Tower both times and earning the Speed Pass and Safety Pass. He snagged the $10,000 Mega Wall while he was at it too.

At the National Finals, Drew had one terrifying moment when he fell on the Tire Run of Stage One. Luckily, that’s what the Safety Pass is for and his second time around was flawless. Stage Two seemed simple for Drew, as he actually played around on the Water Walls before buzzer number four of the season.

Buzzer number five came when he cleared Stage Three for the first time in his regular season career, becoming only the third Ninja to do so.

Then came arguably the most important buzzer, Stage Four. Drew had waited for that rope climb long enough and he put his all into it, sealing his fate as the season’s $1 million American Ninja Warrior Champion!

Take a look back at Drew’s season with all of his runs, above. Then, listen to Drew breakdown how everything came together this year on the American Ninja Warrior podcast.