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Lucas Reale made the most of his sophomore season

He once again tackled the courses like a Ninja with years and years of experience.

Lucas Reale is pure heart when he’s on the course. He approaches each obstacle with respect, determination, and a little bit of bliss. Lucas is thankful to be there.

He’s also a quickly rising star in the American Ninja Warrior world. His first year, season 10, saw Lucas make it to Stage Two of the National Finals. In season 11, he faced the Baltimore City Finals course, which no one defeated, but Lucas made it far enough fast enough to face the Power Tower alongside his boss, Dave Cavanagh.

At this season’s National Finals, Lucas showed off his abilities once again. He cleared Stages One and Two. Stage Three, which you can watch above, ended his year, but not before Lucas became the first competitor of the episode to clear the Ultimate Cliffhanger. That’s no small feat for any Ninja with any number of years of experience.

We couldn’t help but smile as Lucas celebrated that moment. He’s a Ninja to watch for years to come!