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Adam Rayl made a heck of a bid for Stage Four

He was just one obstacle away from joining Drew and Daniel on the final climb.

Whenever we asked fans to share their predictions of who would be this season’s American Ninja Warrior Champion, Adam Rayl was always at the top of a lot of lists. His strength, combined with the body awareness of his gymnastics background, has quickly made him a top competitor on the show.

In his four seasons on the show, Adam has always made it to at least Stage Two of the National Finals. This year, he advanced to Stage Three. There, he made one of the strongest bids for the buzzer and Stage Four.

Adam seemed to have the course under control until Cane Lane. First, he was moving so quickly we worried he would accidentally make a rushed miscalculation. Then, after making the difficult transfer, he look completely gassed out. Adam reached out for the safety bar between Cane Lane and the start of The Flying Bar. He grasped it for a moment, but his hand fell away and he was soon in the water.

However, touching that bar meant he finished Cane Lane, and technically, his fall is counted on The Flying Bars. This means that aside from Drew Drechsel and Daniel Gil, who completed the course, Adam when farther than the rest of the field of competitors. He was one obstacle away from joining them in the final climb.

Watch his determined run above!