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Daniel Gil took the top time on a very difficult Stage Three

Watch his Stage Three and Four runs here.

Daniel Gil is only the fourth competitor in American Ninja Warrior’s history to complete Stage Three during the regular season. He accomplished the feat after an already epic season, including three top place finishes from Oklahoma City and on Stage Two.

Daniel made the grueling Stage Three look pretty breezy. He grinned and smiled through the course, emanating enjoyment. His time to the buzzer was about one second faster than the third person to ever clear Stage Three, Drew Drechsel.

Together the two of them advanced to Stage Four, the 75-foot rope climb for $1 million.

For the Daniel Gil, the final moments didn’t turn out how he would have liked them. After a blazing start to his climb, he hit a wall and slowed considerably. In the end, he was unable to hit the buzzer in under 30 seconds. Daniel reflected on his season in an interview after the season was complete.

Watch Daniel’s final two runs of the season above.