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You can watch the last moments of the American Ninja Warrior finale on YouTube

The final run or runs will be live on YouTube right after they air on the East Coast.

At this point, we’re all pretty well aware that big things are going down tonight on the American Ninja Warrior season 11 finale. It’s been confirmed in commercials, articles, and the hosts have said it: There WILL be a $1 million winner.

Tonight (Monday, September 16), the remaining 21 Ninjas will take on Stage Three and someone, or more than one Ninja, will head to Stage Four.

NBC has provided you with a way to watch those historic moments shortly after they air. Using YouTube Premiere, they’ve scheduled a showing of the final run, or runs, that will go live RIGHT as the broadcast ends on the East Coast. That would be 10 pm EST, and 7 pm PST.

So, if you miss the East Coast show, you can catch up right away on the conclusion. If you’re on the West Coast, or another time zone, you can get an early peek at who becomes only the second winner in the show’s history!