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Take a first look at a brutal Stage Three with this preview of Michael Torres’ run

This thing is not going to take prisoners.

SPOILER ALERT: This is a partial run from the the finale episode. If you hate spoilers, STAY AWAY FROM THIS! :)

LEAK: Michael Torres' Run at the Las Vegas National Finals - American Ninja Warrior

Michael Torres is having the best season of his career, will it be enough to get him two Stage 4? American Ninja Warrior National Finals come to a close MONDAY 8/7c on NBC.

Posted by Ninja Warrior on Friday, September 13, 2019

Michael Torres blazed a trail to the American Ninja Warrior National Finals this season. In the Cincinnati region, he earned the Safety Pass after a highly impressive run. In Las Vegas, he became the only Ninja out of the six Safety Pass holders to not need the do-over on Stage One or Two.

Hopefully, Michael rides that confidence right over Stage Three. But this course is infamous for being very nearly impossible. It’s only been conquered twice in the show’s 11 year, regular season history.

In the preview above, we get a first look at Stage Three and what Michael and the 20 other Ninjas are up against. It starts with the Grip and Tip, which is based off the Battering Rams. The Ninjas then move into the Iron Summit, which is a cross between Northwest Passage (which NO ONE beat in Seattle/Tacoma) and the Iron Maiden. After that, they face the Crazy Clocks right before the Ultimate Cliffhanger. The Cliffhanger ended both Drew Drechsel’s and Sean Bryan’s season last year and it offers no room for error.

The clip shows Michael making great progress on the course. He navigates his way to the Ultimate Cliffhanger AND makes the dangerous transfer across. At the very end, we’re seeing some pain in Michael’s face, which has us worried and still excited to see the rest of his run. Is he off to Stage Four? Can he handle the rest of the course?

The American Ninja Warrior season finale airs Monday, September 16, at 8/7c on NBC.