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Watch Drew Drechsel blow off some steam on Stage Two

He gave us a rare, light-hearted moment.

There was only one thing surprising about Drew Drechsel’s Stage Two run at the American Ninja Warrior National Finals.


Generally, we don’t get to see Drew play around on the course. He’s not one for anything that might distract him from the task at hand. Usually, he has headphones in to even block out the sound of the crowd around him.

But Drew blew off some steam on Stage Two. Stage One probably gave him a bit of stress after he very unexpectedly fell on the Tire Run and needed to use his Safety Pass in order to run again and advance. With no safety net on Stage Two, Drew got down to business. By the time he reached the Water Walls, he knew the clock was on his side, and he could no longer fall from an obstacle. So he celebrated with a bit of silly fun.

We have no doubts that Drew will be all business again when we see him on Stage Three, Monday, September 16 at 8/7c on NBC.