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We were sure Joe Moravsky would take down the Angry Birds

Watch his full Baltimore City Finals run.

William Gray/NBC

The Baltimore City Finals brought the return of many highly anticipated competitors. One Ninja that fans couldn’t wait to see back on the course was two-time Last Ninja Standing, Joe Moravsky.

Back on the Baltimore course, Joe was definitely looking for a buzzer. He missed out on it in the Qualifying round when he was unable to topple the Mega Wall. In City Finals, we saw him make some impressive moves, like jumping backwards to the middle board on Dangerous Curves and skipping the final cone on the Hazard Cones. At that point in the night, no Ninjas had completed the course, and no Ninjas had passed the eighth obstacle, Angry Birds.

It was no surprise that Joe reached the back half of the course. There, he faced an obstacle unlike anything fans had seen before. But if anyone had the skills to get it done, it was Joe, right? He’s considered one of the top Ninjas and has been for quite a few seasons at this point.

Which is why it was so very, very shocking to see him hit the water. Trust us, EVERYONE was surprised. That night on set, the entire show crew glanced around at one another, bewildered, after seeing Joe go down on the obstacle.

Luckily, it won’t stop Joe from advancing to the National Finals! But it will be his first time there without a buzzer in one of the Qualifying regions.