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Meagan Martin’s early exit provided her with valuable healing time

She tells the American Ninja Warrior podcast how not heading to Vegas might be the best thing for her.

Matthew Hayward/NBC

American Ninja Warrior viewers were in for a shock with the Seattle/Tacoma City Finals. Well, many shocks, actually. The Lightning Bolts, the fifth obstacle on the course took out a large portion of the competitors. One of the veterans heading home after that is Meagan Martin.

Meagan has made it to the National Finals for all five of the previous seasons she’s participated. Not having her there is certainly going to be an odd feeling for the fans.

It’s an odd feeling for Meagan as well. She sat down with us after all was said and done for the latest American Ninja Warrior podcast. There, she discussed the injury that’s been hounding her for months, and how the time away from competition might actually be the best thing for her body. She also shares how she’s using this time to take steps forward in another dream of hers, becoming an on-camera commentator.

Check out the podcast above, or on Spotify, Google Play, or Apple Podcasts.