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American Ninja Warrior National Finals will take place over four episodes

This year, viewers get eight-hours of action in Las Vegas!

David Becker/NBC

After today’s (Monday, August 5) Seattle/Tacoma episode of American Ninja Warrior, we’ll only have two City Finals episodes left. That means the National Finals in Las Vegas are looming!

This is always the most thrilling time in the Ninja Warrior season. After a year of training and dedication, the best of the best take their final stands against the obstacles, all of them eyeing the $1 million rope climb of Stage Four looming above. To get there, they’ll need to take down Stages One, Two, and Three.

This year, Ninja Warrior fans are in serious luck because we get an extra week of action!

The American Ninja Warrior National Finals will air over four, 2-hour episodes.

Here’s the National Finals airing schedule:

  • August 26 - 8/7c
  • September 2 - 8/7c
  • September 9 - 8/7c
  • September 16 - 8/7c

This is a definite change to the normal viewing schedule we’re used to seeing. In previous seasons, Ninja Warrior has wrapped up after three episodes at the National Finals. Generally, Stage One is split into two different episodes, so it’s safe to assume that’s happening this year as well. That leaves us with two more episodes and the anticipation is already more than we can stand!