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Seattle/Tacoma City Finals: Advancing National Finalists

13 more Ninjas are on their way to Las Vegas.

Matthew Hayward/NBC

The Seattle/Tacoma City Finals was the first time during American Ninja Warrior’s 11th season where no one was able to reach the buzzer. The Ninjas were faced with a combination of returning obstacles, the Lightning Bolts and Floating Monkey Bars, and the new beast, the Northwest Passage. All together, they proved to be a little too much to handle.

But that didn’t stop the Ninjas from creating a night of memories. Both Jessie Graff and rookie Mady Howard broke into the top 12, with Jessie taking third overall. Dan Yager and Karson Voiles went to the Power Tower, with Karson claiming the coveted Safety Pass for Vegas.

You can find a recap of the episode here.

Here’s a list of all the competitors and where they completed their runs.

Here are the Seattle/Tacoma National Finalists.

Note: Obstacle listed is the obstacle where the Ninja fell. The time is their time to reach that obstacle.

Top 12 (Plus Speed Pass winner)

  1. Dan Yager: Northwest Passage - 3:17.32
  2. Karson Voiles: Northwest Passage - 3:25.20 - Safety Pass Winner
  3. Jessie Graff: Northwest Passage - 4:34.00
  4. Lorin Ball: Floating Monkey Bars - 2:18.36
  5. David Moonen: Floating Monkey Bars - 2:28.85
  6. Matt Dolce: Floating Monkey Bars - 2:44.35
  7. Zack Scholes: Floating Monkey Bars - 2:45.55
  8. Mady Howard: Floating Monkey Bars - 2:55.42
  9. Scott Behrends: Floating Monkey Bars - 3:14.40
  10. Nate Burkhalter: Floating Monkey Bars - 3:15.52
  11. Nick Hanson: Floating Monkey Bars - 3:20.83
  12. Sean Darling-Hammond: Floating Monkey Bars - 4:01.23
  • Sean Bryan: Floating Monkey Bars - Speed Pass winner

Top 2 women

  1. Jessie Graff: Northwest Passage - 4:34.00
  2. Mady Howard: Floating Monkey Bars - 2:55.42