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Ryan Stratis is ready to take it all this year

Three buzzers down. Does he have three more in him?

David Becker/NBC

Ryan Stratis is so ready for the American Ninja Warrior National Finals.

In Atlanta, he completed the course with the Mega Wall. He was also able to complete the City Finals course. With those two buzzers under his belt, he turned his laser focus on Stage One.

His preparation paid off. Ryan completed Stage One after a traditional send off from friend and Ninja Mike Bernardo, and kept his facial hair safe from his beard bet with Brett Sims. With Stage Two just ahead, look back at what Ryan had to say about competing in Atlanta, being back in Vegas, and if this is the year he takes it all.

David Becker/NBC

“It’s my seventh time to Vegas, eighth time total making it to the finals.

Well, I’m over the spectacle of Vegas. I can say that much. I’m here for a reason, and that reason is to compete. Most people’s trips to Vegas might include casino, seeing the shows, and having all the fun out in the city. Mine’s consisting of hitting the spa, relaxing in my room, staying out of the heat, and hydrating. So I’m more focused on competing now this year than ever.”

David Becker/NBC

“I’ve learned to try to keep all of my emotions in check until it comes to the day of (competition). I’m anticipating the emotions pretty much throughout the entire year, and I’ve learned how to compartmentalize all that stuff. It comes in waves. The excitement comes and goes, but I’m doing that in order to keep my energy levels ready to hit the peak when it comes to competing.”

“Oh, this is going into their (ANW’s) 11th season, so I’m expecting them to make some big changes. Just seeing what I’m seeing now, it’s going to be an exciting run -- probably a lot quicker. It seems like this whole year has been focused on more speed, especially with things like the Power Tower and the way they’ve had their course designs laid out, focusing more on speed runs. And it seems like that’s going to be the case.”

“I say it every year. I want to go all the way. I plan on going all the way this year. So last year I had a lot of mental mistakes that really dragged me down. And this year I’ve addressed those and plan on going all the way.”