2013 Vegas Finals on NBCsports

I noticed that xfinity comcast cable in my area was showing ANW Finals, and looking in on it I discovered that it was ANW from 2013 stage 1.

What an eye opener. Stage one in 2013 kind of resembles stage one in 2019, but here is what makes this so interesting. Stage 1 in 2013 would be a brief warm up for any of today's competitors. Everyone I saw on Monday would complete and finish within the time limit. A lot has happened in six years....the Ninjas are light years better, and the 2013 obstacles would not even be obstacles for today's Ninjas.

What Matt Isman calls the toughest obstacle in 2013 is the jumping spider....which is hilarious considering how current Ninjas sail right through it. Issac Caldiero was a rookie in 2013, and he went down on the jumping spider.

If you get the chance check out this old stuff and enjoy a look back.

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