Hypocrisy alive and well for ANW and NBC and other issues

I had some back and forth earlier this season with Nikki Lee about how results are kept secret from the TV viewing public. I was told that participants and fans at the live events have to sign non disclosure agreements, and that results are kept on the down low. is that working out? NBC promos hint/suggest that someone wins the million dollars, and then Akbar blurts it out making it a spoiler for everything but naming the person. This is hypocritical. If everything and everyone is supposed to keep quiet then you would think the network and ANW would not be leaking spoilers. Very disappointing.

Next what does the second place finisher receive? If a Ninja completes all four stages gets a million, so what else do Ninjas get paid. I don't think a free trip to Vegas is even remotely enough.

I recall that in previous years ANW gave some spots to Ninjas who did not otherwise qualify for the Nationals. Casey Canazarro (sp) comes to mind. This year that is not in play at all. I think Lance Pekus could/should have been given an invite. Any comments on this?

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