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On a night of unpredictable runs, Daniel Gil delivered what we expected

He’s been the speedy king of consistency this year.

Stage One of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals is always a rollercoaster and season 11 was no different. On the first night of competition, Ninjas like Jesse Labreck, Kevin Bull, and Najee Richardson went home. 12 managed to clear the course. One of those being Daniel Gil, and he did it with a top time. All year long, Daniel has delivered smooth, quick runs to the buzzer.

Daniel has been in fine form all season. In Oklahoma City, he took the number one spot in both the Qualifiers and City Finals. He did not earn the Safety Pass in his Power Tower battle against Mathis Owhadi. However, it doesn’t look like he plans on letting that bother him.

Daniel skipped through the Stage One course and put up the fastest course completion of the episode. He can breath easy just for a minute or two. Next up he’ll need to face Stage Two to stay on his quest for $1 million.

Watch his run above!