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With his first Stage One buzzer, Chris DiGangi is having a heck of a season.

He and fiancé Jesse Labreck both competed at the National Finals!

Competitor Chris DiGangi got to create a little bit of history for himself on the first night of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals. After snagging his first City Finals buzzer since his rookie year in Cincinnati, he then completed the Stage One course for his first time ever.

Before he stepped up to Stage One, Chris let us in on how that accomplishment felt and his goals for this season.

“City Finals was amazing. It’s been a really long time since I’ve hit a City Finals buzzer. My rookie season was season four, and that was the last time I was able to accomplish that. Just standing on top of the tower on City Finals, and just hugging that buzzer and looking down and seeing all my friends and family, it was just such an incredible feeling and something that... It’s hard to put into words for me.”

David Becker/NBC

“I don’t know who I was more excited for, myself or Jesse (Labreck) for hitting the buzzer, because I’ve seen the show evolve, and I’ve seen what it takes for women to hit that City Finals buzzer. No one’s done it since Kacy Catanzaro, so I know how big of a deal it is to see Michelle (Warnky) and Jesse both accomplish that. I was just so excited that they were able to do it.

I was so happy for Jesse because it’s been a goal of hers, and just to be going to Vegas together, but in a way that... Most times we’re disappointed a little bit that we didn’t finish City Finals. But, we’re still going to Vegas, so we’re happy, but there’s still that little disappointment. This time, we both made it, and there’s zero disappointment. We’re coming in with a lot of momentum, so it’s very exciting.”

David Becker/NBC

“This is my fourth time in Vegas and it never gets old, that feeling of being in the National Finals. You’ve got to step it up here. This is what you’ve trained for. This is where you were trying to get to, so the feeling never gets old, and it’s really exciting to be back.

There’s a lot of nerves, especially because I’m 0 for three on Stage One. It’s definitely something this year, in my fourth season in the Finals, that I really want to get through.”

David Becker/NBC

“I’m feeling really good this year. I think I have a lot of experience on the show, and hitting a City Finals buzzer, coming into Vegas with a lot of momentum, I feel really strong. I feel like this is finally, hopefully, going to be the year that I hit that Stage One buzzer.”

Chris was absolutely right that this was his year! Can he keep it going? Next up is Stage Two!