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Jesse Labreck leaves season with one goal checked off and another awaiting her

She has more motivation than ever now!

Jesse Labreck was hoping for a little more history on this season of American Ninja Warrior. On Stage One of the National Finals, she had her eyes on that buzzer, aiming to become the third woman to reach it in regular competition. Jesse has now made it to Stage One four times in a row. She’s also now made it to the very last obstacle three times in a row.

Jesse has a history of getting SO close to clearing a path to Stage Two. This year, she was making a grab for the cargo net beneath the buzzer when she tumbled into the water. Everyone’s shoulders collectively slumped at the moment.

While it’s not exactly what we, or Jesse, wanted, it doesn’t dull her shining season. Jesse completed the Cincinnati Qualifiers course. She also beat the Cincinnati City Finals course, which was huge for her and the entire fandom. No woman had beat a City Finals course since season six. That night, Michelle Warnky and Jesse were able to accomplish it.

Both Jesse’s success and her fall on Stage One should just serve as fuel for the next season. After all, she told us on the American Ninja Warrior podcast that she takes failure as a reason to keep pushing forward. We have a feeling season 12 will hold even more big things for her.