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Barclay Stockett ended her season with a heartfelt run

She dedicated it to her mom, who is facing cancer right now.

Before her Stage One run at the American Ninja Warrior National Finals, Barclay Stockett revealed that all season long, she’s carried a huge emotional weight. Before the season began, Barclay and her family found out that her mother has stage three bladder cancer.

Barclay intended to skip the season and spend time with her family. But her mother wouldn’t hear of it. So Barclay made every run this season a testament to the women who raised her.

After a strong showing in Oklahoma City, Barclay stepped up to Stage One. This was her third time facing the stage. We all had hopes she could make it to the buzzer, but Barclay timed out while attempting the Warped Wall.

It was an emotional end to her season. We wish her and her family all the best and hope they can all be on the sidelines watching Barclay run in season 12!