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Go behind the scenes of American Ninja Warrior with Challenge Producer Adam Sheldon

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On the latest episode of the American Ninja Warrior podcast, he pulls back the curtain.

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This week on the American Ninja Warrior Podcast, we sat down with Adam Sheldon. Adam has been the show’s Challenge Producer since season nine. In that time, he’s seen thousands of Ninjas through the course.

His role means he has all the details on how the course and the obstacles come together and what makes a Ninja successful on the big night of taping. If you’ve ever wondered why the Ninjas tackle obstacles in certain ways, you should listen to Adam discuss the rules of the course. This is the interview for you if you want to understand more about how the show comes together.

You can check out the full audio above! It’s also available on NBC.Com, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Play.