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Congratulations to Tyler Rizzo, winner of season 10’s Obstacle Design Challenge

His design inspired Seattle/Tacoma’s Barrel Roll.

American Ninja Warrior revealed the winner of season 10’s Obstacle Design Challenge on night one of the National Finals.

The selected creative genius is 11-year-old fan, Tyler Rizzo! During season 10, Tyler submitted his design for what he called the “Cylindrical Crisis.” Here’s Tyler’s original design and how he described it to us in his submission.

“The Cylindrical Crisis has three spinning drums with handles hanging from the ceiling. Competitors will have to jump from a trampoline and grab a handle above. Then, the drum will start spinning and so will the handle. The competitor will then, at the right time, release one handle and grab the next handle on the next drum. Then they have to do this again. After they release the handle on the third drum, they must make the dismount to the next platform. It’s the perfect obstacle for the greatest Ninja”

The show’s producers loved the idea and, after a few tweaks and some color changes, it made its debut on the show as the Barrel Roll on the Seattle/Tacoma course!

Matthew Hayward/NBC

“I came up with the idea because I wanted to make an obstacle that used the most upper body strength possible,” Tyler told us. “I’ve made other designs, but that was the only one I submitted. It was my favorite.”

The obstacle gave viewers some great moments as Ninjas caught air on the dismount and flipped forward, backward, and upside down on their way to the landing pad.

For coming up with the idea, Tyler, his brother, and his parents, all were flown out to Las Vegas to watch the National Finals in person as VIP guests. They had a front row view of Stage One and got to chat with some of their favorite Ninjas.

Tyler definitely plans on coming up with more obstacle ideas, so look out Ninjas! He’s also training to become a Ninja Warrior himself and he was pretty sure he could handle the Barrel Roll.

The American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Design Challenge is currently open for season 11! Tyler shared his advice to anyone thinking up their own idea. “They need to definitely make sure they revise it and make smaller edits to the design before they submit it.”

If you have an idea, be sure to submit it before September 23! Enter the Obstacle Design Challenge for a chance to see your idea come alive on the course AND the chance for you and 3 guests to travel to Universal Studios Hollywood to experience the new epic adventure, Jurassic World - The Ride!

If you’re under 18 years old, be sure to have a parent or guardian fill out the submission form for you, just like Tyler did!