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This is quite possibly the best save in American Ninja Warrior history

U.S. Olympic Gymnast Danell Leyva just told gravity to shove it!

On American Ninja Warrior, there are great saves and then there’s THIS SAVE.

U.S. Olympic Gymnast Danell Layva was charging down the Stage One course at the National Finals, when, oh no! He tripped on the Diving Boards, landed face first, and front-flopped into the water!

Well, that’s what would have happened if Danell was, you know, human.

Instead, he tripped, almost face planted, front-flipped, threw his arms back and grabbed the dang obstacle, hovered his feet above the water, and BACKFLIPPED himself back on to the board where he regained his balance and trotted off. All in the blink of an eye. Seriously, the lightning fast reflexes and sheer core strength of this move basically doesn’t exist outside of superhero movies.

We saw it happen in person. We’ve watched the clip about 237588734657 times. We still don’t know how it was possible.

It could be the greatest save in the show’s history.

Danell is already the first Olympic gymnast on American Ninja Warrior to qualify for the National Finals. (He has three Olympic medals to his name from the 2012 and 2016 games, one bronze and two silver.) Unfortunately, he wasn’t the first to clear Stage One. He fell on the final obstacle, Twist and Fly. You can watch his full below.

But Danell left one heck of a legacy even without Stage Two!