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Take a first look at Stage One with a preview of Adam Rayl’s run

Oh hey, Double Dipper. Nice to see you.

David Becker/NBC

The American Ninja Warrior season 11 National Finals are just days away and now we have our first look at Stage One!

On Monday, August 26 at 8/7c on NBC, we’ll get to watch the first half of 86 Ninjas run the course. For now, we get to watch most of Adam Rayl’s Stage One run!

Adam is coming into the National Finals with zero buzzers under his belt this year. The Los Angeles region saw him fall on the Spin Hopper in Qualifying, and the Leaps of Faith in the City Finals. Adam is considered a top competitor, meaning he’s got to be starving for that Stage One buzzer.

However, we won’t find out if he makes it to the buzzer until the full episode airs on Monday. The video above gives us a good taste of his speed and skills, but leaves us wondering if he makes it in time.

The video also lets us know what the Ninjas will be facing on Stage One. The Propeller Bar has been replaced by Spin Your Wheels. The Double Dipper is back, oh joy. The Diving Boards, which we first saw in the Oklahoma City region, have made a comeback on this course. All together, only time will tell which Ninjas will survive and head to Stage Two, and which ones will end their season right here.