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Bigfoot crashed and trashed the Seattle/Tacoma course

Who knew hairy hands were so helpful on the course!

There was something afoot at the American Ninja Warrior Seattle/Tacoma filming location. Strange tracks, someone trashed Matt and Akbar’s host tower, an eerie feeling in the air...

Turns out it was a visit from a legend of the Pacific Northwest, Bigfoot him (or her) self. But just paying us a visit wasn’t enough for this hairy being. It wanted its own shot at the course, and Bigfoot took it!

Watch Bigfoot take on the Seattle/Tacoma Qualifying course with the wild abandon that can only belong to a nearly-mythical creature.

Frankly, color us impressed! We’d think those hairy paws would be a huge hinderance to grip, but check out that performance on the Lightning Bolts! Bravo, Bigfoot, a natural Ninja!