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Watch Michael Torres’ Cincinnati City Finals run

He claimed his first career City Finals buzzer!

There was something different about Michael Torres on the American Ninja Warrior Cincinnati City Finals course. He put on a run that was light, bouncy, and fast! He was almost like an energetic puppy out there.

That might have had something to do with his new training partner, Hershey. Hershey happens to be a beyond-cute, over-the-top with energy little Yorkie. Whether Michael was inspired by Hershey or not, his run was worth watching!

Michael finished the City Finals course for the first time in his four seasons on the show. He also had the second fastest time overall, which meant he competed on the Power Tower against Ethan Swanson.

At the last second, Michael made a grab for the dismount that put him inches ahead of Ethan. That means Michael gets to take a Safety Pass with him to Las Vegas!

You can watch his full Cincinnati City Finals run above and we’ll see Michael on Stage One of the National Finals very soon!