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Jesse Labreck discusses her historic run and how she uses failure as fuel

She’s this week’s guest on the American Ninja Warrior podcast.

Dennis Mong/NBC

Jesse Labreck’s night at the American Ninja Warrior Cincinnati City Finals was pretty perfect for the four-time competitor. After watching her friend Michelle Warnky, and her fiancé, Chris DiGangi, both make it to the buzzer, she got to share in the moment herself. It was a goal years in the making for her.

After navigating the new Slam Dunk and the temperamental Spinball Wizard, Jesse climbed the Spider Trap, becoming only the third woman in the show’s history to hit a City Finals buzzer.

On the latest American Ninja Warrior podcast, Jesse talks about what it’s like to achieve a goal like that. We also dive into Jesse’s experiences growing up in athletics and how her teaching background has combined with her sports experience to help her coach the new generation of Ninjas.

You can listen to the full audio above, or find it on NBC.Com, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Play.

Watch Jesse’s full historic run below!