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After all that Michelle Warnky’s accomplished this year, she’s still ready for more

What else does she have up her sleeve this season?

Michelle Warnky is enjoying a very well-deserved moment in the spotlight. Season 11 of American Ninja Warrior, Michelle’s seventh season on the show, has been spectacular so far.

At the Cincinnati Qualifiers, Michelle took a hit to the face on only the second obstacle. Instead of letting it distract her, she finished the course with blood running into her eyes. She talks about that run on the American Ninja Warrior podcast.

A few weeks later, she made history by becoming the second woman ever to finish a City Finals course, something that hadn’t been done since season six. The moment left the Ninjas, the fans, and even Michelle at a loss for words. It was emotional and huge a payoff for the massive amount of dedication she’s given to this sport.

Her season is not over yet. Michelle gets to take all those amazing moments with her as she goes to Las Vegas for the National Finals. She sat down with us for a quick moment just as she arrived in Vegas to talk about her season, and her next goal: Stage One.

Dennis Mong/NBC

“City Finals was pretty incredible. Yeah. I’ve wanted to hit that buzzer for seven seasons, and I think going through so many disappointments, and so many times making mistakes, and things not going through makes it even more sweet, and just more special. And so, I was literally speechless in the interview afterwards, like I couldn’t get words out, because I was just so thankful, and so happy.

Vegas is always a goal. No matter what happens the first night, you always want to make Vegas the second night. Being able to hit the City Finals buzzer, and make it to Vegas was just awesome, and just so fun. And it was great to be able to see so many others who have worked so hard for it also have that same thing happen.”

Dennis Mong/NBC

“Before competing in Vegas, it’s kind of an interesting mindset. You kind of know you’re here, but you’re not really at the course. You know conceptually that you’re about to compete, but still trying to realize that, so definitely it’s always super exciting to see all the Ninjas hanging out together, but yeah, excited to get on that course, hopefully, get some things done.

I get extremely nervous. I pray a lot. It comes and goes. There’ll be times you’re just hanging with everyone, and then all the sudden you think, ’Oh my goodness, in like three days, I’m going to be on the course,’ and your heart will start racing, and going crazy. It goes in waves and definitely as it gets closer it comes on more strongly, but yeah, nerves are solid.”

Dennis Mong/NBC

“Every year I hope for a buzzer. I don’t know if I’d say I expect (it). I have a respect for Ninja. Anything can happen to anyone, so every year I’ve come in knowing I have the ability to hit a buzzer, and so far it hasn’t happened. I haven’t really had great runs in Vegas, so I would definitely like to change that. My main goal is to hit a buzzer on Stage One, but if that doesn’t happen, I would like to at least get to the back section on the course.

Again, I know the ability’s there. It’s been there. I just need to put it all together.”

We absolutely cannot wait to see Michelle’s next run when she steps up to Stage One in just a few weeks!