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Watch Sandy Zimmerman’s impressive Seattle/Tacoma City Finals run

The first mom up the Warped Wall charged through the City Finals course.

Sandy Zimmerman made history on her American Ninja Warrior season 11 debut. After putting five of the Qualifying course obstacles behind her, she took on the Warped Wall. It was a big moment for Sandy and for the show.

For Sandy, it was a goal that was years in the making. For the show, it was the first time that we’d seen a mom complete the Warped Wall and hit the buzzer. The moment skyrocketed Sandy’s notoriety among the Ninja Warrior fans and heightened anticipation of her run in the Seattle/Tacoma City Finals.

Now, you can watch her full City Finals run, above. It looks like Sandy isn’t slowing down anytime soon. She once again defeated the first part of the course, including the Warped Wall, and moved into the difficult back portion. There, she made it to the very difficult Floating Monkey Bars.

Unfortunately, the competition in Seattle/Tacoma was TOUGH. That run, while fantastic, did not snag her a place in this year’s National Finals. But we’re sure it fed Sandy’s fire to compete. We want to see her back next season!