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Cincinnati City Finals: Advancing National Finalists

We couldn’t be happier for this group of Ninjas!

Dennis Mong/NBC

Are you still smiling after the American Ninja Warrior Cincinnati City Finals? We sure are. It was a fantastic night of emotional runs and historic moments. Seven Ninjas completed the course, including Jesse Labreck and Michelle Warnky, the first women to finish a City Finals course since season six.

Joining them in Las Vegas will be Ninjas like Grant McCarney, who finally got back to the National Finals after two years away, and Philip Scott, who almost didn’t run the course after his panic attacks.

Find a recap of the episode here.

Here are all the Ninjas who ran the City Finals course in this region.

Top 12 (Plus Speed Pass winner)

  1. Ethan Swanson: Complete - 3:43.36 - Speed Pass winner
  2. Michael Torres: Complete - 4:01.20 - Safety Pass winner
  3. Dan Polizzi: Complete - 4:23.87
  4. Brandon Mears: Complete - 4:43.50
  5. Chris DiGangi: Complete - 5:53.60
  6. Jesse Labreck: Complete - 6:29.29
  7. Michelle Warnky: Complete - 7:03.26
  8. Tyler Smith: Spinball Wizard - 2:32.86
  9. Philip Scott: Spinball Wizard - 3:20.92
  10. Trevor West: Slam Dunk - 03:04.71
  11. Grant McCartney: Slam Dunk - 3:10.93
  12. Sem Garay: Slam Dunk - 3:38.00
  13. Dustin Rocho: Slam Dunk - 3:56.60