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This run made Dave Cavanagh the King of Baltimore

He earned the top spot in both the Qualifiers and City Finals

When it comes to American Ninja Warrior, Dave Cavanagh is relentless. The “King of the Walk-Ons” spent over 70 days in various walk-on lines over his five previous seasons to gain access to the course. This year, he got “the call” for the first time, and he made the most of it in Baltimore.

While the Baltimore City Finals were a little rough, when the dust settled, Dave Cavanagh was on top. He had the fastest time to the eighth obstacle, sending him to the Power Tower for the second time. There, he earned the Safety Pass, which will allow him a do-over on Stage One or Two on the National Finals.

Las Vegas is the next stop for Dave. Before we see him again on the course in a couple of weeks, watch his City Finals run above. And be sure to check out his episode of the American Ninja Warrior podcast!