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Karter Ohlson on what it’s like to be a National Finalist in her rookie season

The 19-year-old will take on Stage One next.

William Gray/NBC

Karter Ohlson is getting a crash course in the rollercoaster of American Ninja Warrior. The 19-year-old rookie’s very first run at the Baltimore Qualifiers was over fairly quickly when she fell on the Dangerous Curves, the third obstacle.

However, it did put her into the top five for women and moved her into the City Finals. There, she put the Dangerous Curves behind her and made a run to the fifth obstacle Crank It Up. But the splash down was followed by another high when Karter found out she placed second for the women’s leaderboard and would be heading to her first National Finals.

“Karter the Krusher” told us a little bit more about what it’s like to make it deep into the season during her very first time competing on the show.

Bouncing back during the City Finals

“Yeah, it was crazy. I just wanted to get past the obstacle that I fell on in night one, like a little redemption run, and I got further than that. So, it was just awesome. It felt good.

I still don’t think it’s sunk in yet. I mean, I’m here, but it’s crazy. I wasn’t expecting to honestly. It’s my rookie year, I’m the youngest female, and it’s crazy. I’m here, I’m training for it. I’m going to give it the best shot that I can.

It’s just all fun. It’s super cool. It’s an amazing experience, especially I’m only 19 years old, and not a lot of people get to do this.”

Any possible Stage One obstacles she’s worried about

“Yes, the Propeller jump obstacle. Last year I tested in Vegas. And I live on trampolines. I know how to jump on a trampoline, but when I tested that obstacle, I just jumped on it completely wrong, did this huge belly flop in the water, totally huge, and I just don’t want that to happen again. Because again, I like redeeming myself, so I hope I can correct my brain and remind myself that I know how to do that obstacle.”

What she’s expecting from her first National Finals

“I’m expecting it to be hard, but from testing last year, I know what kind of a course it is, and I feel like if I’m going to be able to excel on any course, it’s Stage One in Vegas because it’s all about speed. And, for some reason I guess that’s just how I run courses. I don’t mean to, it’s just people started calling me Speed Demon, and I just go fast. That’s just how I compete.”

Is she feeling the pressure?

“I’m trying not to expect too much of myself, because I don’t want to be down in Vegas. It’s so amazing to get here in the first place, but I’m just hoping that I go out there and I do as best as I can. I hope I don’t fall on any stupid mistakes, I hope I pump out if I’m going to fall, I just want to do the best that my body can do.”