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Watch Lucas Reale’s Baltimore City Finals run

His time to the Angry Birds sent him to the Power Tower.

Imagine your boss challenges you to a race. Might get awkward, right?

That wasn’t the case for American Ninja Warrior Lucas Reale. He made it to the Power Tower in the Baltimore City Finals, and he was there against his friend and boss, Dave Cavanagh. The two were overjoyed and proud to face one another. While Lucas wouldn’t end the night with the Safety Pass, it was a great way to wrap up his Baltimore experience.

After completing the Qualifying course in a tidy 2:12.85, Lucas returned for the City Finals with even more speed. Unfortunately, no one hit the buzzer that night, but Lucas put up a smart, efficient run to the eighth obstacle, Angry Birds. His time to the obstacle put him in second place for the night, following Dave Cavanagh’s time.

Lucas had a great rookie season last year, making it all the way to Stage Two of the National Finals. He’ll see if he can match or beat that record when he starts his National Finals journey for this season in a couple of weeks!

Watch his strong Baltimore City Finals run above.