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Thoughts from Allyssa Beird: The Angry Birds, her personal goals, and her Vegas course predictions

Our interview resulted in some surprising answers.

William Gray/NBC

As we sit here, still trying to process those wicked Angry Birds in the Baltimore City Finals, we’re looking to Allyssa Beird to talk us out of our misery. Even though she was one of the TWENTY-TWO Ninjas who fell victim to the Angry Birds, she doesn’t seem to be nearly as angry at those things as we are. Here’s what Allyssa had to say about her City Finals experience.

William Gray/NBC

“City Finals was interesting. I was happy to have made it through Crank It Up the second night, felt good there. And it’s always nice making it to the back half because that’s where things always get pretty fun. I unfortunately went down at the same place as almost every single competitor that night. But it was interesting because I feel like every move I made on it felt really good. I thought that I had it until I didn’t have it. So I don’t have any resentment for that obstacle. I would love to have another go at it.”

Huh….no resentment, not even a hint of anger, or even irritation, in her voice. I guess there’s a reason why she’s known as a level-headed Ninja who takes things in stride. But we had to know more about those Angry Birds. What did Allyssa think made them so challenging?

“I think it was just such a precise movement that you had to make. I don’t think a lot of people necessarily train reverse catches. It’s something that’s in all our wheelhouses, but I think just the precision of the angle of it, the distance, the little ledge you had to get over, just the combination after a pretty heavy upper body course, that was a tricky obstacle to get through.”

Still not a smidge of irritation in her voice. Just matter of fact. Logical. Well…if the athletes themselves aren’t holding a grudge against those awful things, then I suppose we should be able to get over it too. Moving on…

Despite the Angry Birds, Allyssa made it through to the National Finals in Vegas in the top female spot. When we asked her how it felt to be a Vegas Finalist, we received a surprising answer. The Angry Birds didn’t get her down, but there was something else that didn’t sit well with Allyssa.

“My goal is always to qualify within the normal qualifying spots, not as one of the top two females. So, it was a little bit discouraging, I have to be honest, to not have gotten into that top 12 spot this year. Whereas, last year I made it in, I think, top 11 or 12 both nights for Cities. But it obviously still feels awesome to be back here, and we’re all on an even playing field starting at Stage One. So I’m ready.”

After the brutal City Finals course, we were curious about what kind of course Allyssa was expecting in Vegas. To be honest, our imaginations were running wild with visions of more evil contraptions for these Ninjas to conquer. But Allyssa had a different perspective.

“I think with both Baltimore and Tacoma resulting in no clears, and the last couple years there has not really been a lot of Ninjas on Stage Three, I think that there might be... I think the expectation might be that the courses are going to be a little bit more, I don’t want to say generous, but maybe trying to get people to those later stages, because I think it’s exciting, both for viewers and for us too. So hopefully we can live up to that challenge.”

As for what Allyssa expects out of herself on the Vegas courses, she says, “Well, it can’t get worse than last year (Allyssa fell on the first obstacle of Stage One in season 10), so it’ll only get better… But I feel good. I definitely expect to hit a Stage One buzzer. I would love also to hit a Stage Two buzzer…It definitely comes down to what exactly is on the course, and how well I can visualize and prepare myself. But I’m feeling pretty good this year, so hopefully breaking into Stage Three. It’s always the goal, but hopefully this year.”

If Allyssa makes it all the way to Stage 3 at the National Finals, it will be a historic night on American Ninja Warrior. We’d love to see it happen.