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Find out more about Dave Cavanagh’s determination to be a Ninja... no matter what

He’s the latest guest on the American Ninja Warrior podcast.

William Gray/NBC

Dave Cavanagh’s sixth season on American Ninja Warrior is actually the first year he was invited to be a part of the show! Previously, he’d waited over 70 days combined in walk-on lines. And Dave took this opportunity to show just exactly what he’s made of as a Ninja.

Competing in the Baltimore region, Dave took the number one spot of the night in both the Qualifiers and City Finals. He participated in, and won, both Power Tower races, meaning he’s going to Vegas with a Safety Pass.

On the American Ninja Warrior podcast, Dave talks about what it was like to go from under-dog to superstar in Baltimore. Then, we dive into Dave’s past to understand more about where his relentless determination comes from. It’s a great way to get to know a competitor who usually flies under the radar.

You can listen to the full audio above, or find the American Ninja Warrior podcast on NBC.Com, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Play.