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Baltimore City Finals: Advancing National Finalists

No one hit the buzzer on the course, meaning these Ninjas will be hungry in Vegas!

William Gray/NBC

American Ninja Warrior’s Baltimore City Finals might not have given us any finishers, but it gave us a group of Ninjas who tried dang hard out there. The night descended into a foot race to the eighth obstacle, Angry Birds, in order to advance to the National Finals.

One shock of the night was Jamie Rahn’s departure from the season after not making the time cut off. Many of the fan-favorites did make it into the top 12, but it wasn’t an easy night for anyone. Dave Cavanagh can relax and celebrate that he went back to the Power Tower for a second time, and will be bringing a Safety Pass with him to Vegas.

You can find a recap of the episode here.

Here’s a list of all the competitors and where they completed their runs.

Here are the Baltimore National Finalists.

Note: Obstacle listed is the obstacle where the Ninja fell. The time is how long it took to reach that obstacle.

Top 12 (Plus Speed Pass winner)

  1. Dave Cavanagh: Angry Birds - 2:21.61 - Speed Pass and Safety Pass winner
  2. Lucas Reale: Angry Birds - 2:46.65
  3. Najee Richardson: Angry Birds - 2:46.67
  4. Julius Ferguson: Angry Birds - 2:48.00
  5. Conor Galvin: Angry Birds - 2:48.60
  6. Anthony DeFranco: Angry Birds - 2:57.84
  7. Joe Moravsky: Angry Birds - 3:05.10
  8. Lucio Battista: Angry Birds - 3:05.30
  9. Branden McWilliams: Angry Birds - 3:14.12
  10. Chris Wilczewski: Angry Birds - 3:14.80
  11. Joe Capobianco: Angry Birds - 3:17.53
  12. Mike Silenzi: Angry Birds - 3:17.77
  13. Garrett Lam: Angry Birds - 3:18.37

Top two women

  1. Allyssa Beird: Angry Birds - 5:18.20
  2. Karter Ohlson: Crank It Up - 1:34.69