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Michelle Warnky shares how faith keeps her focused on the American Ninja Warrior podcast

A little blood was no match for her will to keep going.

Dennis Mong/NBC

Michelle Warnky had an epic night at the American Ninja Warrior Cincinnati Qualifiers, with just a splash of drama. Michelle has long been considered a top competitor on the show, and was looking to get back to the buzzer. It seemed like that dream was in jeopardy when on just the second obstacle, the Ring Swing, she received a smack to the face that left her bleeding at a pretty good clip.

Regardless of the pain or distraction, Michelle remained focused and completed the course. The smoke and blood combo at the finish line created one heck of an unforgettable image.

Michelle then sat down with the American Ninja Warrior podcast to, first, confirm that she’s alright! She then discussed how her faith keeps her calm in moments where things seem to be spiraling out of her control, both on and off the course, as well as what it’s been like to be a pioneering woman in the sport through the show’s fame and her own business endeavors.

Take a listen above!