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‘Never give up’ is about more than Ninja Warrior for Maggi Thorne

On the latest American Ninja Warrior podcast, Maggi delves into some very tough subjects.

Editor’s note: This week’s American Ninja Warrior podcast covers some very important, but very difficult subjects, including suicide and abusive relationships.

During the Oklahoma City Finals, American Ninja Warrior Maggi Thorne put together one of the best runs of her career under the worst circumstances. After taking a rough hit to the face on the Diving Boards, Maggi found the strength to soldier on while bleeding, disoriented, and, as she shares on the American Ninja Warrior podcast, concussed.

On the latest podcast episode, Maggie walks us through that run and then gives us an entirely new look at what the phrase, “never give up,” means to her. Maggi has gone through much more than what she’s shared on the show, including the suicide of her brother and her own attempt on her life.

Through it all, Maggi’s mission is to share a message of hope and inspiration. Never give up. It’s one of our rawest conversations yet. You can find the full podcast above, or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Play.