Several questions

The telecast of the Baltimore qualifiers did not recap who qualified for the City Finals. Why not?

Are the City Finals run immediately after the qualifying runs, or is there a substantial delay to get in more rest, fluids, etc.?

We have seen several competitors blow their chances strictly on time because they waste time blowing kisses to the audience or practicing dance moves while they lose their spot to go forward in the competition. Is there anyone responsible for yelling out time to the competitors, does that have to come from someone in the family,entourage, etc. OR is it prohibited?

Top Ninjas seem to appear at the various qualifiers. Does NBC pay for that or is that on the competitors dime?

I hope that the top Ninjas get appearance fees because NBC can afford it, and the whole show benefits when the top Ninjas come back the following year to try again...anyone know?

I am guessing that the Las Vegas finals have already been run...anyone know, and how do they keep the results quiet? It seems like with so many spectators, and social media being what it is....that results would leak out.

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