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Oklahoma City Finals: Advancing National Finalists

This is going to be a group to keep an eye on!

Brett Deering/NBC

The Oklahoma City Finals gave us a group of National Finalists who are not here to play around. They all gritted their way through a tough course and fought hard to get to the top of the leaderboard. The Ninjas below are all advancing to the National Finals in Las Vegas where they’ll need to test their mettle once again.

You can find a full recap of the episode here.

Here are all the competitors from the Oklahoma City Finals.

Top 12 (Plus Speed Pass winner)

  1. Daniel Gil: 3:34.23 - Speed Pass winner
  2. Mathis Owhadi: 4:28.83 - Safety Pass winner
  3. Karsten Williams: 4:29.17
  4. Jody Avila: 5:11.20
  5. David Wright: 5:17.38
  6. Jeff Harris: Snap Back - 2:54.03
  7. Brian Burkhardt: Snap Back - 3:04.61
  8. Nick Fordney: Snap Back - 3:04.83
  9. Josh Salinas: Snap Back - 3:04.97
  10. Ben Wales: Snap Back - 3:08.85
  11. Alex Blick: Snap Back - 3:21.94
  12. Kendall Ortez: Crazy Clocks - 2:03.90
  13. Damir Okanovic: Crazy Clocks - 2:24.88

Top two women

  1. Taylor Amann: Crazy Clocks - 4:13.30
  2. Barclay Stockett: Crazy Clocks - 4:35.84