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Maggi Thorne perseveres in thrilling Oklahoma City Finals run

Take a first look at her run.

LEAK: Maggi Thorne at the Oklahoma City Finals - American Ninja Warrior

You won’t believe this crazy save in OKC! American Ninja Warrior City Finals continue in Oklahoma City MONDAY 8/7c on NBC.

Posted by Ninja Warrior on Thursday, July 25, 2019

Maggi Thorne delivered a run in the Oklahoma City Finals that we’re confident will live in Ninja Warrior fans’ memories for a long, long time.

A former track and field student-athlete at Nebraska, Thorne was one of five women who made it to the fifth obstacle in Oklahoma City Qualifiers.

After a smooth start to her City Finals run, we can see Maggi suffer what looked like a nasty fall on the Diving Boards, plunging face-first into the third board. But Maggi managed to make a terrific recovery that allowed her to continue on the course.

Check out her sheer determination on the Coconut Climb, the obstacle that got the best of her in the Qualifiers. Better yet, check out her first ever Warped Wall attempt.

Be sure to tune in Monday, July 29 to watch the full episode!