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R.J. Roman delves into the past experiences that made him who he is today

R.J. shares more about his past on the American Ninja Warrior podcast.

Quantrell Colbert/NBC

Sophomore Ninja R.J. Roman is the latest guest on the American Ninja Warrior podcast. After a rookie year that saw him all the way through to Stage Two of the National Finals, R.J. has no intention of slowing down.

He placed third overall at the Atlanta Qualifiers, narrowly missing the Power Tower. R.J. slipped out of the final obstacle, the Spider Trap, during the City Finals, but still secured a place in the National Finals.

On the podcast, R.J. reflects on how, in a relatively short period of time, the sport of Ninja Warrior has re-shaped his life. He looks back on the sometimes terrifying personal moments that have helped drive him to towards music, and then, Ninja Warrior, becoming the competitor we love to watch today.

Listen to the full podcast above!