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Atlanta City Finals: Full results and all competitors

Up For Grabs knocked 11 Ninjas off the course.

Quantrell Colbert/NBC

The Atlanta City Finals featured 34 Ninjas who all wanted to continue their journey to Las Vegas and the National Finals this year. The course featured the new obstacle, Up For Grabs, which took first place for the night when it came to knocking out Ninjas. Mother Nature might have scored a few points herself when a moist course may have led to a few early falls.

Read a recap of the episode here.

Here you can find a list of the Ninjas moving on to the National Finals.

Here are all the falls and where they took place.

  • Course completions: 5
  • Falls on Shrinking Steps: 0
  • Falls on Off the Hook: 2
  • Falls on Block Run: 6
  • Falls on Bouncing Spider: 2
  • Falls on Ferris Wheel: 3
  • Fails at Warped Wall: 1
  • Falls on Salmon Ladder: 0
  • Falls on Up For Grabs: 11
  • Falls on Fall Out: 1
  • Falls on Spider Trap: 3
Quantrell Colbert/NBC

Here are all the competitors, and where they completed their runs

Please note: These are unofficial results based on witnessing the competition first hand. If you think I’ve miss-recorded something, let me know in the comments! Additionally, names are organized by obstacle and listed in no particular order beyond that.

  • Tyrone Poole: Off the Hook
  • Kirill Rebkovets: Off the Hook
  • Ben Wilson: Block Run
  • Eddy Stewart: Block Run
  • Neil Craver: Block Run
  • Jon Dilullo: Block Run
  • Emily Durham: Block Run
  • Alyssa Varsalona: Block Run
  • Grace Sims: Bouncing Spider
  • Jessica Clayton: Bouncing Spider
  • Caitlyn Bergstrom: Ferris Wheel
  • Chad Hohn: Ferris Wheel
  • Chris Howard: Ferris Wheel
  • Glenn Davis: Warped Wall
  • Rochambeau Dolcine: Up For Grabs
  • Travis Rust: Up For Grabs
  • Travis Rosen: Up For Grabs
  • Roo Yori: Up For Grabs
  • Josiah Singleton: Up For Grabs
  • Jordan Hatton: Up For Grabs
  • Caleb Bergstrom: Up For Grabs
  • Casey Suchocki: Up For Grabs
  • Devin Harrelson: Up For Grabs
  • Lucas Gomes: Up For Grabs
  • Ronald Washington: Up For Grabs
  • Caleb Auer: Fall Out
  • Kenny Niemitalo: Spider Trap
  • R.J. Roman: Spider Trap
  • Jody Freeman: Spider Trap
  • Ryan Stratis: Complete
  • Brett Sims: Complete
  • Kevin Carbone: Complete
  • Tyler Gillett: Complete
  • Drew Drechsel: Complete - Safety Pass winner