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Atlanta City Finals: Advancing National Finalists

With Drew Drechsel leading the pack, these 17 Ninjas are off to Vegas.

Quantrell Colbert/NBC

Despite some slips on the Spider Trap due to moisture, five Ninjas in total were able to reach the buzzer on the American Ninja Warrior Atlanta City Finals course. Drew Drechsel clearly announced his intention to dominate this season by putting together the fastest run and winning the Safety Pass from the Power Tower. That means he’s the first to claim a trifecta of Mega Wall, Speed Pass and Safety Pass, raking in this year’s new prizes.

Drew will head to the National Finals in good company. Check out all the Atlanta Ninjas advancing to Stage One in Las Vegas later this season!

You can find a full recap of the episode here.

Here are all the competitors from the Atlanta City Finals.

Top 12 (Plus Speed Pass winner)

  1. Drew Drechsel: 3:37.79 - Safety Pass winner and Speed Pass winner
  2. Kevin Carbone: 4:50.15
  3. Tyler Gillett: 5:47.79
  4. Brett Sims: 7:10.40
  5. Ryan Stratis: 8:42.98
  6. R.J. Roman: Spider Trap - 3:43.93
  7. Jody Freeman: Spider Trap - 4:18.56
  8. Kenny Niemitalo: Spider trap - 4:26.88
  9. Caleb Auer: Fall Out - 3:16.04
  10. Caleb Bergstrom: Up For Grabs - 2:16.09
  11. Ronald Washington: Up For Grabs - 2:36.36
  12. Travis Rosen: Up For Grabs - 2:50.35
  13. Casey Suchocki: Up For Grabs - 3:05.58

Top two women

  1. Caitlyn Bergstrom: Ferris Wheel
  2. Jessica Clayton: Bouncing Spider