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Najee Richardson shares his experience with depression in this frank interview

On the American Ninja Warrior podcast, Najee discussed what he was feeling the night of his return in Baltimore

William Gray/NBC

Najee Richardson is the smiling, high-flying Phoenix on American Ninja Warrior. He’s known for his speed and skills on the course, and his ability to set the bar when it comes to laché distances.

In the latest American Ninja Warrior podcast, Najee opens up about the toll the pressure of competition takes on him behind the scenes. From his gymnastics career, to his shocking conclusion of season 10 on Ninja Warrior, balancing fame, personal pressure, and the unforgiving nature of sports are part of his mental health journey.

Najee walks us through exactly how he was feeling the night of his season 11 return in the Baltimore Qualifiers. We highly recommend you give it a listen for a new perspective on a favorite competitor.