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After a year of healing, Tiana Webberley is ready for Vegas

Her strong showing in the LA City Finals sent her back to the National Finals

Lara Solanki/NBC

When Tiana Webberley advanced to the back half of the American Ninja Warrior Los Angeles City Finals course, it meant big things. It meant she would leave the night as the top ranking woman, sending her to the National Finals. That meant she’d get the homecoming in Las Vegas we’d been waiting for all year.

In season 10, she made it all the way to the ninth obstacle of the LA City Finals course, qualifying her for the National Finals. However, when Tiana broke her leg while stunt training before Las Vegas, she was unable to compete, leaving the conclusion of her season forever up in the air. It took the better part of a year to recover from the injury.

Tiana will finally get another chance to play out the possibilities of Stage One later this season. Before we see her there, learn more about her City Finals experience and what her goals are for the year.

“My City Finals experience was definitely exciting. I was really humbled during the Qualifiers, falling on the second obstacle. So being able to make it past that and even be on the Warped Wall again, I was just over the moon. I was super excited, super grateful.”

“I made it to the eighth obstacle (The Hinge). Should have studied it a little more before. I think I was very focused on the second obstacle because of the Qualifiers. I focused more on that than the back half. And if I focused a little more on the back half, I think I might have gotten a little farther, but live and learn. Thankfully, I still made it far enough to qualify to get to the finals, so I’m stoked.”

“I’m very grateful to be back here in one piece. Yeah, just give it all I got out there. I feel ready, I feel strong. I worked hard. I’ve had a lot of great people behind me with rehab, PT, and strength and conditioning. Just getting that muscle back to normal, the bone and muscles, ligaments, everything in the knee back to normal and 100% so that way I can just go and hit a buzzer this year. Hopefully.”

“I definitely want to hit at least the Stage One buzzer. That’s the goal. And then anything beyond Stage One is going to be the cherry on top. I think I’m capable of Stage Two, but right now I’m focusing on Stage One. Ready to just go for it.”